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We’re Fiction Vortex. We don’t take crap, so you don’t have to read it. More specifically we specialize in episodic, serial-release, shared-world (StoryVerse™), narrative storytelling. That’s a mouthful. To summarize, we know how to collaborate with other writers and freelance professionals to generate a steady, addictive flow of content for your readers. But the tricks are to find readers and to get your content to your readers in a method that allows you to be fairly compensated. This newsletter/blog is where we share everything we’ve learned and everything we are experimenting with along these lines.

If you’re interested in how to gain traction with readers, how to go as direct as possible, how to develop loyal fans by keeping your readers’ attention, and how to turn your passion into your livelihood then give us a follow.

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Trends and Craft in Writing with an Emphasis on StoryVerses, Serialization, and Episodic Story Arc


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